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Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour
25 Days

Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour

Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour is a great opportunity to experience Mongolia to the fullest. A unique Mongolian journey - for 25 days.  

Rainbow in Mongolia
15 Days

Peace Of Mongolia

Escape complete and free your mind and feel the Peace Of Mongolia. We found the best solution for you to travel independently through Mongolia with comfort and flexibility, avoiding the…

16 Days

Mongolian Overland Tour

Mongolian overland tour, the ancient realm of Genghis Khan, has emerged from the shadow of Communism and is now open to the world. Meet one of the last nomadic cultures…

Adventure with Naadam Festival
11 Day

Adventure with Naadam Festival

Discover Mongolia with Naadam Festival. Mongolia is truly one of the world’s last undiscovered travel destinations and the safest country to visit. It is a land where you can experience…

The Mongolian Gobi
10 Days

The Ultimate Gobi Tour

The Ultimate Gobi Tour - famous for its wealth of dinosaur fossils, one of the few remaining unscarred areas on earth, and the exotic home to many of the world’s…

Taste of Mongolia
4 Days

Taste of Mongolia

The taste of Mongolia tour takes 4 days to cover one of the best travel destinations of Mongolia in the shortest possible time with peace of mind and experiencing local culture…

Steve Jorgan – Norway I booked several trips through AMA Tours: the Tour of Genghis Khan Statue Complex/Terelj National Park, the Tour of Hustai National Park and the Semi-Gobi tour with camel ride and visit a nomad family included, and I also attended a… Read More
Jurgen Reitschild – Deutschland Waren 8 Leute in unseren 20ern, die in die Mongolei gereist sind. Wir waren im LG Guesthouse und das Personal ist das tollste Volk, das Ihnen bei allem helfen wird. Wir machten eine 7-tägige Gobi-Tour, was das Hostel organisierte. Wir… Read More
Elivera – Spain
Elivera – Spain I was looking forward to this tour a lot, as I had been wanting to see the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue for 5 years at least. The day did not disappoint. I was punctually picked up from my hotel during… Read More

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