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In the Arctic, there are swathes of untouched tundra. In Brazil, there is the deepest jungle heart of the Amazon. And in Mongolia's eastern aimags, another ecosystem reaches its apotheosis – the steppe. This is where you'll find the grassy ocean that was the ecological backbone of the great horse nomadic empires of history; There's both table flatlands and upland elevation here; in the north, the taiga forest envelopes the hills in a pine-scented cradle, but everywhere is grass, grass, grass, and herders who have carved a life out of the marriage of livestock and prairie.

These wide horizons demand to be explored by horseback but said adventures are rarely easy. This is by far the most remote, least visited part of Mongolia, and a venture into its depths is a challenge to even the most experienced of travelers.

Regardless of whether or not you have seen the steppe landscape before, you will be blown away by this place where sky and earth blend into one piece. Scenic drive through Menen steppe, Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area, Ugtam Uul Natural Reserve, Ganga lake, Altan Ovoo and battlefield of Khalkhiin gol are some of the best ways to see the wonderful sites that the region has to offer.

Best Season:All Year Around
Popular Location: Khentii, Dornod, Sukhbaatar

Tours In Eastern Mongolia

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