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When we open our Mongolian compass and check the cardinal directions, we see the desert in the south, and the great, grassy steppe to the east. What lies around the northern aimags? The taiga, a pine-scented quilt of coniferous forest that blankets the boggy ground from northern Mongolia to the edge of the Arctic circle. But it's not only forest here. Indeed, much of the land is wild, rugged steppe country, or a transition zone, where fuzzy grasslands are riven by clumps of dark birch and larch. In other places, rocky mountain spines spread their snowy fingers into natural barriers, boundaries, and basins, cupping ice-cold freshwater lakes that are as fiercely blue as the wide-open Mongolian sky. The highlight of the region is one of the world’s 17 ancient lakes - Khuvsgul lake which is known for “Mother Sea” by local people, contains 70% of Mongolia’s surface water. Khuvsgul lake is home for Tsaatan - reindeer people and Darkhad ethnic tribes who live portable round tents that are called Urts made mostly from tree bark. It is well-known for beautiful snow-capped mountains, rich wildlife, crystal clear lakes, and many big rivers, which is a paradise for fishing anglers.

Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Khuvsgul, Selenge, Bulgan

Northern Mongolian Adventures