Top Fishing Trips of 2020

The sparsely populated country in the world has plenty of room for wild animals. In Mongolia, wild animals can multiply and spread without great worries. This offers hunters a great chance to be successful.

Our travel agency works very closely with the Mongolian government and the Ministry of Nature, Environment, and Tourism to protect this beautiful nature and animals first and second that our activity conforms to Mongolian laws. We organize everything necessary for our hunters according to Mongolian laws. You just have to concentrate on your trophy to take home with.

From endless steppe in the east to forest area in the north and from the highest Mountain in the west to the endless desert in the south you can find different kinds of wild animals to hunt. The hottest hunt species for visitors from other countries are Argali, Ibex, Mongolian Elk, Grey Wolf, Wild Boar, Hucho Taimen the king of the river, and many other interesting fish species.

Best Seasons:Summer, Winter, Autumn
Popular Location:Northern, Western, Central regions of Mongolia

Take a trophy from Mongolia home with you