Scenic Iconic Tours

The land of nomads has a lot to offer that many people can not imagine. Most visitors come to visit Mongolia, are totally surprised by landscape and culture because they have never seen or felt anything like it before. But what if I tell you that this is just the beginning, there is something even more breathtaking, it goes deeper into the Mongolian landscape and culture. Chinggis Khan is the godfather to many Mongolians, he is truly an icon. Or the horses, many Mongolians love horses more than anything and the culture around that animal is unique. The Kazakhs also make us a culture richer. The hunt with the eagle, so that's really something special or the reindeer people in the north. If you are not sure about visiting Mongolia, I wanna tell you to do it and come over, you will not regret.

Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Central, Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern part of Mongolia