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You want to take that special snapshot with your camera? Mongolian landscape and culture are unique in the world, to take photos of your Mongolian trip are easy, but to shot this one special photo that will astonish the others and that one moment that you'll never forget is not easy.

To make your trip easier, we work with the best photographer from Mongolia, these guys know where and when to make a spectacular photo. Whether it's the desert Gobi, Altai mountains or simply everyday lives of nomads, these guys know how to present Mongolia through photo lenses. They been traveling for years, shoots thousands of photos to found out what is unique but as you know photographing is limitless. Go with those and test your knowledge and flair.

This tour is limited. Only a few people can participate in a few journeys.

Check out our photographer's Instagram profile and make your own impression what is possible.

Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Central, Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern parts of Mongolia

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