Get Adventurous on Snow&Ice

While most people opt to visit Mongolia in warmer seasons, the winter months are an exceptionally beautiful time to see the steppe and Siberian borderlands covered in frost and snow. To boot, the country is also surprisingly accessible at this time of year and worth a visit as a unique experience of its own.
Mongolia has notoriously frigid winters – temperatures can fall as low as -40°C in January and Ulaanbaatar holds the record as the world's coldest capital city. Tourism typically sees its low season between November and late March, but visitors that venture to Mongolia at this frosty time of year will find there is still, in fact, plenty to see and do.
The cold drives away crowds, lending better rates for hotels and tours, and making it a perfect time for shopping the local cashmere sales or bundling up for a dazzling hike across a snow-covered grassland or an invigorating dog-sled ride with a local nomad.

Don't let the extreme cold stand in your way; whether you have plans to dig up a woolly bargain in the city or aim to bundle out into the nearby wilderness, a spectacular world of winter wonders await in Mongolia.

Best Seasons:Winter, Fall, Spring
Popular Location:Central, Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern of Mongolia

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