Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour


Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour is a great opportunity to experience Mongolia to the fullest. A unique Mongolian journey – for 25 days.


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    Culture, Discovery, Guided Tours, Jungle, Trekking, Wildlife
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All about the Mongolian Grand Adventure Tour.

From endless steppe to highest mountains, from desert to crystal clear seas, the nomads in the central region to eagle hunters in the western, and reindeer people in the north. This tour allows you to observe the beauty of Mongolia from all sides.

The Directions

Ancient City Karakorum – Terkh White Lake – Ider river – Ulaagch Blake Lake – Mukhart River – Zavkhan River – Sagsay Eagle Hunters – Altai Tavan Bogd National Park – Milk River – Ulgii City – Uureg Lake – Uvs Lake – Khyrgas Lake – Tudevtei – Tsetserelg – Khuvsgul Lake – Bulgan – Ulaanbaatar.

This trip is based on mixed accommodation between Ger camp and camping in a tent because some of the main attractions like Altai Tavan Bogd National Park did not have a Ger camp, here is only possible to stay at a tent. Therefore we will allow travelers to choose the accommodation between mixed or the whole trip camping with a tent. Please make a request.

This trip can be customized according to your wishes. If you have any changes to the accommodation, the duration, the destination or other change requests, please contact us.

Our main goal is satisfied travelers.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Special Meals
  • All Accommodations
  • All transfer & transports + experienced drivers
  • Tour and trekking guide for the entire journey (in English, German, Korean, Chinese language available)
  • All sightseeing and entrance fees are mentioned as program
  • Camel riding
  • Horse riding
  • Complimentary drink water during the tour,
  • Visa invitation letter, if required
  • All service charge, local and Gov’t tax
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Visa to Mongolia (Get in advance)
  • International flights &Travels insurance
  • Hotel early check-in and late check-out,
  • Tipping and other personal expenses
  • Other services not mentioned in the itinerary
  1. Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Whenever, your international flight lands in the city airport, you will be transferred to the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.
    Free at leisure for the rest of the day. You may need some time to relax and recover from the long-distance flight or possibly from jet-lag. If you feel like going for a walk and checking out places nearby, feel free to ask from your hotel reception for recommendations.

    🏠 in the hotel

  2. Day 2 Karakorum

    Karakoram was once the capital of the Mongolia Empire, which was the largest contiguous empire in World history, consisted of much of Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. In 1220, Karakorum was founded by Genghis Khan in the Orkhon valley, at the crossroads of the Silk Road. The city flourished with wealth and culture, especially as artists and intellectuals were brought over from Europe to enhance the Eurasian capital.
    Also, we will visit the magnificent and the oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdene Zuu, built in the 16th century, with 108 stupas. The monastery is still active, and there are temple museums and buildings where monks live and pray.

    • After breakfast at 9:00 starts our tour, our driver and the guide will pick you up from your hotel
    • The distance is about 360 km and we need about 6 hours drive

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  3. Day 3 Khorgo, Terkh National Park

    In the morning, depart for Khorgo Volcano, Terkh National Park is an amazingly beautiful scenery of mountains, cliffs, rapid rivers, lakes, extinct volcanoes and fantastic caves green forests and pastures, where the long-haired yaks and horse thrive. Terkh White Lake is a mesmerizing beautiful lake with crystal clear freshwater.
    Hiking, horse riding, mountain climbing, fishing, and swimming are all good here.

    • The distance is about 300 km and we need about 5 hours drive

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  4. Day 4 Ider River

    On this day we will camp in the tent at the Ider river. The nomads around the Ider river are hospitable and you can visit them or they will visit you for sure. If you are interested in riding a horse, taste some Mongolian milk products or fishing you have the opportunity.

    • The distance is about 270 km and we need about 5 hours drive

    🏠 in the tent

  5. Day 5 Ulaagchiin Blake Lake

    This lake is a freshwater lake and one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. We can see amazing dunes in the southern and northern parts of the lake. The clarity of the lake is 8m and colors are seen as green and blue emerald. Along the shoreline of the lake, there are many eye-catching places.

    • The distance is about 120 km and we need about 4 hours drive. Most of the road is offroad

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  6. Day 6 Rest day at the Lake

    We will use this day to rest and to explore the unique landscape around the lake with camel or horse.

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  7. Day 7 Mukhart River

    The Mukhart River, whose name means no-through road, is a small river flowing on twenty kilometers (12,43 miles) along the Bor Khyar Dunes, forming a lovely oasis in which poplars and sea buckthorns grow. The source of this river is magical because it gushes from the huge and lovely Bor Dune. As it spontaneously springs, it also spontaneously disappears afterward in the dunes.

    • The distance is about 100 km and the road is offroad, therefore we need more time to get there, about 5 hours

    🏠 in the tent

  8. Day 8 Mongol Els

    Journey to the highest dunes of Mongolia. Walking in the dunes. Our steps shatter the crest of the dunes, which entails a small slide of fine sand. The flowing of the sand grains makes a grave and surprising sound, which inspired the name of “singing dunes”. From the top, Mongol Els Dunes present a remarkable view on Lake Ereen Nuur, a rather marshy stretch of water near whose it can be dangerous to go.

    • The distance is about 150 km offroad and we need about 6 hours drive

    🏠 in the tent

  9. Day 9 Nomad Family

    On this day we will visit a special nomad family. Many singers of khoomi (traditional overtone singing) live in this area. We will stay overnight at a singer who will sing for us traditional overtone singing.

    • The distance is about 300 km offroad and we need about 8 hours drive

    🏠 Nomad family

  10. Day 10 Ulgii Province

    We arrive in the capital of Bayan-Ölgii province that is located in the most western part of Mongolia and that is the farthest city from any ocean in the world. Olgii is located at 1636 km (1,02 mile) from Ulan-Bator, at 1710 meters (1,06 mile) above the sea level. Principally Kazakhs live there and its atmosphere is very influenced by Central Asia: many signs written in Arabic, mosques and their cupolas pricked up to the sky. We will discover little bit the province Ulgii and rest early at the guesthouse after view day camping with a tent.

    • The distance is about 350 km, most of the road is asphalt and we need about 6 hours drive

    🏠 in the hotel

  11. Day 11 Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

    At the end of a 5 – 6 hours travel across the mountainous desert, we camp in the valley of White River. Upon arrival, we erect our tented camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.

    • Starting at 9:00 after breakfast, we have to drive about 100 km offroad. The road is sophisticated.

    🏠 in the tent

  12. Day 12 Acclimatization day

    Today’s plan is a trek to the base camp in Potanin glacier. 2 thirds of the way is a gradual but continuous ascent across high mountain terrain with some marshes and a couple of streams to cross.

    • The distance is about 20 km and trek or horse trekking will take about 6 hours

    🏠 in the tent

  13. Day 13 Rest day & Exploring the area

    All in all, exploring Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is a lifetime experience and a must to see when you are visiting Mongolia. Mighty snowy mountains and crystal clear lakes surrounded by full green valley await you.

    If you like we can organize a climbing trip for one of the 5 peaks for this day

    🏠 in the tent

  14. Day 14 Wilderness trek along White river

    Trek out to lower gate of Tavan Bogd NP – White river valley. This time it is an easy stroll downhill although interrupted by a couple of bogs and slightly longer than the way up.

    • The distance is 2o km

    🏠 in the tent

  15. Day 15 Golden Eagle Hunters

    Eagle hunting has been practiced in Central Asia for thousands of years. Like traditional practices elsewhere in the world, hunting with the eagle is on the verge of extinction, but Kazakh culture, in Mongolia the tradition is alive and well kept.

    • The distance is about 80 km

    🏠 in the tent

  16. Day 16 Uureg Lake

    ’Spellbinding’ is the word that best evokes Üüreg Nuur, a freshwater lake encircled by a jade panorama of mountains and empty miles of the rolling steppe. With an elevation of 1425m, it couldn’t be more different from its sandy, much lower neighbor, Uvs Nuur.

    • The distance is 250 km and 5 hours drive

    🏠 in the tent

  17. Day 17 Uvs Lake

    UNESCO has recognized this northernmost part of the Great Lakes Basin as a World Heritage Site in two categories. First, for the presence of rare and endangered animals and plants. And second, for its untouched and pristine native landscapes. Uvs Lakes is the largest lake (3350 sq.m.) in Mongolia and is 84 km across at its widest point. It is located only 759 meters above sea level.

    • The distance is 150 km and 3 hours drive

    🏠 in the tent

  18. Day 18 Nomad Family

    Next two days we will drive to the beautiful northern side of Mongolia. On the way to Khuvsgul lake we will visit nomad families and spend our attention to getting know closer the nomadic culture and customs. On the first day, we will stay overnight in the near of Tes sum by nomadic family.

    • The distance to our next direction Tes sum 250 km and 5 hours drive

    🏠 By nomad family

  19. Day 19 Nomad Family

    On the second day, we will stay overnight in the near of Tsetserleg sum by a nomad family

    • The distance is about 200 km offroad and 5 hours drive

    🏠 By nomad family

  20. Day 20 Khuvsgul Lake

    On this day we will reach the Blue Pearl of Asia Khuvsgul Lake.

    Northern Mongolia is the main travel destination of the Mongolians.
    The highlight of Mongolia’s Northern provinces is pristine Khuvsgul Lake. This lake is known as the second clearest water lake in the world after Baikal Lake in Russia. Water is crystal clear so that you can see the bottom of the lake when you are sailing. The lake is 136 kilometers long, 36 kilometers wide, 262 meters deep from its surface to the bottom and makeup over 1% of the world’s freshwater.

    • The distance is 280 km and 6 hours drive

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  21. Day 21 Khuvsgul Lake and Reindeer People

    Let us explore the Blue Pearl of Asia on this day. We will rent a boat to get deeper into the lake hearth, in the middle of the lake is an island that calls Khadan huu. The island is the homeplace of many species of birds. Also, we will visit a reindeer family that lives far from civilization.

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  22. Day 22 Uran Togoo Volcano

    Uran Togoo is an extinct volcano whose crater reaches 1686 meters (1,05 mile) above the ground, has 500 meters (0,31 mile) in diameter and 50 meters (164,04 feet) in depth. It’s the most beautiful and the most famous volcano in Mongolia. It was active 20 to 25 million years ago. We can find exceptional and plenteous fauna and flora. In effect, the lava that flowed there many thousands of years ago gave way to a very fertile environment. A hike along a footpath through the Siberian larches will lead you to the crater. You will see a surprising variety of plants, but also many birds and insects, like the Apollo butterfly. Then you will go to the bottom of the crater, where you will find in its center a surprising small lake and beautiful dense vegetation.

    • The distance is 370 km and 6 hours drive

    🏠 in the Ger camp

  23. Day 23 Arrival at Ulaanbaatar

    This is our last day in the countryside of Mongolia. We will drive to Ulaanbaatar after breakfast, on the way we drive through Bulgan, Erdenet provinces which were built in the Soviet era. It’s fair to say that Mongolia, in the minds of her visitors, is characterized by wild spaces and nomadism. Yet Erdenet, the country’s third-largest city, is a pleasant little urban town worth a stopover.

    • The distance is about 400 km and 7 hours drive

    🏠 in the Hotel

  24. Day 24 City Tour

    After Breakfast at the “Modern Nomads” restaurant in the city, we will start a guided city tour and visit Genghis Khan’s square & Parliament House and National Museum of Mongolia to get an overview of Mongolia’s history and culture. Examine on nomadic life, including Stone and Bronze Age artifacts, traditional costumes, and sacred relics.
    Next, we will eat lunch and after, we will visit “Gandan” Monastery, Mongolia’s largest functioning Buddhist monastery. Listen to the horns calling lamas and monks to temple, and capture the monks’ daily rituals while visiting the adjoining Megjid Janraisig and Temples. The temple houses feature a 26-meter-high majestic gilded statue of Migjid Janraisig.
    After that, you will be transferred to the hotel for some refreshments. If you want to go shopping for souvenirs and local products, your guide will be ready to serve you for that.
    In the evening at 18.00, we will visit “Wonders of Mongolia” folklore show by famous Tumen-Ekh ensemble – is one of the most successful folk art groups to share traditional Mongolian music with the world, having traveled to over 40 countries.
    At 19.30, farewell dinner will be served at “Bd’s Mongolian Barbeque” international chain restaurant. Transfer to the hotel.

    🏠 in the Hotel

  25. Day 25 Departure from Ulaanbaatar

    As your memorable trip comes to end, then you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to your next destination or home.