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This page helps travelers to find suitable Travel Buddy to get nice experience together and to share the cost of the tour. Choose the places you want to visit, write a quick note explaining the type of person you’d like to travel with or what you are intending to do while away. You’ll then appear on the list. Other travelers can find you, get in contact us and discuss plans.

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    Italy Male and Female( mid 20)

    3rd of August 2020 to 12 days/11 nights.

    I'm interested in Explore south Gobi and Central Mongolia, 10 Days, but in 12 days/11 nights. We are 2 people. The starting tour date should be 3rd of August 2020. We are interested in a mixed accomodations: tourist camps/hotel, tents, and Nomad family gher (where we can have the best experience, in Gobi desert or in Central Mongolia). We are available for a group tour, in order to reduce the price.